In Our Case 1 + 1 = 3! Here Is How It All Works...

You are an organization that has a corporate marketing team and numerous other departments of people that all need to send out brand-compliant marketing emails.... sometimes to their own lists and sometimes to lists or queries defined by corporate.

You invested in a powerful email service provider (ESP) marketing automation system and your marketing team is doing a great job getting your email marketing on point. But what do you do about the teams of people that need to send marketing emails out?

You have two choices...

1. Leave them to sign up for their own email marketing platforms and have no control over what they send and ZERO insight into their campaigns. Or worse, use Gmail or Outlook to mass mail contacts without regard for opt-in/out status.

2. Have your corporate marketing team manage the emails for them, loading them up with work and creating a massive bottleneck.

Well... there is a third option...

SmarterSends. An easy-to-use interface, designed for non-marketers, to create, schedule and deploy brand compliant emails. It tightly integrates with your corporate ESP (Acoustic or Cordial). All the sends are done through your ESP. All the tracking is done through your ESP. All the data is stored in your ESP (we store no PI). This is ESP access control on steroids.

What does this all mean?

Well... you quickly gain control over your brand, insight into your localized campaigns and you increased productivity across your teams. Everyone on your team becomes a rockstar email marketer. All good stuff.

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Brand & Legal Compliance

Control the brand. Provide your users access to brand compliant email marketing templates and assetts, keeping your brand safe.

What You Get
Brand Compliance
Legal Compliance
Peace Of Mind
Increased Brand Equity
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Deep Insights

Every email message deployed through SmarterSends gets sent through your ESP, giving you deeper insights into local campaigns.

What You Get
Strategic Insights
Increased Visibility
Actionable Data
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ZERO COST Integration

Integrating SmarterSends into your Acoustic or Cordial instance takes minutes, and costs absolutely nothing to do.

What You Get
Ultra Fast Integration
No Downtime
Large Cost Savings
Team Efficiency
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No Integration Costs. No On-Boarding Costs. No Volume Costs.
Per User Per Month. That’s It. we have a 5 user minimum on the platform. At $20 per user per month, that works out to $100 per month. Check out our true-tiered pricing for more users than that.

How many users do you need?
= $ 20 p/u

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