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Decentralized, cross-functional teams need to be empowered to work together to promote your brand's products or services. This can be difficult and costly. Maintaining brand and legal compliance is complicated, segmentation can be an issue, getting a new platform going is time-consuming and expensive, and finally getting your team members to learn and use the new platform is a whole other story.

Deploying a distributed marketing platform doesn’t have to be a difficult, costly, time-consuming process. In less than a day we can get you:

  • Increased Reach and Efficiency
  • Personalized Hyper-Local Campaigns
  • Better Collaboration
  • Improved Agility
  • Consistent Brand Image and Legal Compliance
  • Deep Insights into Local Campaigns

SmarterSends. An easy-to-use interface, designed for non-marketers, to create, schedule and deploy brand compliant emails.

  1. It tightly integrates with your corporate ESP, making your ESP the send engine for your own white-labeled distributed marketing platform.
  2. It costs nothing to get an instance spun-up and integrated with your ESP, and it takes less than 30 minutes.
  3. Our flexible permissioning system, and approval workflow allows you to tailor a solution that fits your organizations unique needs and goals.
30 Day Free Trial
Brand & Legal Compliance

Control the brand. Provide your users access to brand compliant email marketing templates and assetts, keeping your brand safe.

What You Get
Brand Compliance
Legal Compliance
Peace Of Mind
Increased Brand Equity
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Deep Insights

Every email message deployed through SmarterSends gets sent through your ESP, giving you deeper insights into local campaigns.

What You Get
Strategic Insights
Increased Visibility
Actionable Data
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ZERO COST Integration

Integrating SmarterSends into your Acoustic or Cordial instance takes minutes, and costs absolutely nothing to do.

What You Get
Ultra Fast Integration
No Downtime
Large Cost Savings
Team Efficiency
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No Integration Costs. No On-Boarding Costs. No Volume Costs.
Per User Per Month. That’s It. we have a 5 user minimum on the platform. At $20 per user per month, that works out to $100 per month. Check out our true-tiered pricing for more users than that.

How many users do you need?
= $ 20 p/u
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