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Client: Boutique Hotel Management Company

A marketing team of 2 was managing the email marketing requests from 18 different hotel properties across a multitude of timezones and simply couldn’t keep up with the volume. The marketing team was struggling to keep up with the hundreds of requests and quick turn around needed due to differences in timezones. When one of the team was due for maternity leave, things got serious.


Implement a workflow system that would allow each hotel property to create their own campaigns.

Define a set templates using each hotel’s individual branding

Ensure all outgoing emails were reviewed and approved prior to deployment


By implementing a powerful distributed marketing platform, the small marketing team was able to retain control and keep up with the multitude of requests coming from their many hotel properties regardless of timezone.

We started by helping the team identify a set of branded templates that could be used by different teams within each hotel e.g. Concierge, Reservations, Food and Beverage, Spa, etc. A set of templates was designed to be flexible yet control the amount and types of content that could be added to each campaign.

The system was then configured to segment each hotel into their own environment. This allowed each to maintain their own content, audience lists, and reporting data.

The hotel staff received training on how to use the system and within hours, they were creating new email campaigns with localized content ready for deployment after a quick review and approval by the email marketing team.

With the implementation of the new workflow the team was able to not only manage the existing requests for campaigns but spend valuable time crafting new marketing initiatives that could be rolled out to each hotel quickly and easily. Keeping up with thousands of new campaign requests each year was no longer an issue.

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