Make B2B2C as simple as a few clicks for your downstream partners

Client: International B2B and B2C manufacturer

Corporate marketing and management were tasked with empowering a network of distributers with branded marketing templates and marketing content, to create, schedule and deploy highly personal­ized, branded messages to their local customers. The majority of users were non-technical and required an easy to use platform that would help drive sales and increase revenue exponentially. It was important to have multiple layers of visibility into these localized distributer campaigns, along with the ability to tie the analytics of these campaigns into their national marketing results.


Provide distributed users with a simple to use interface to create, schedule and deploy branded messages to their local customers

Create an easy way for distributors to access and edit branded templates and content for their local­ized marketing efforts

Gain insight and visibility into localized campaigns, and seamlessly analyze these results against their corporate email marketing efforts.


Working with the corporate marketing team, a set of pre-created branded templates, along with branded content, were built. Distributer groups were set up and the relevant content was made avail­able to each group. Each template was ensured to be CAN-SPAM compliant with standardized unsub­scribe and preference center links.

The highly intuitive UI and easy to use, quick to master platform was made available to their entire dealer network, and overnight branded content began being sent out to local customer lists, driving a significant increase to incremental sales

Through a deeper analysis of the effectiveness of the various pieces of branded content, corporate marketing was able to craft more meaningful and effective localized messaging as well as refine their national and international marketing messaging

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