Allow your non-technical colleagues to send brand compliant emails

Client: Property Management Company

A large property management company, that built and managed higher end apartment complexes, was looking to quickly empower their on-site managers to manage tenant email communications and take advantage of the email volume cost savings and analytics they were getting through their corporate ESP. They also wanted to coalesce all distributed marketing efforts under one roof and maintain brand compliance by removing the need for on-site managers to use their own marketing software.


Implement a distributed marketing platform that would integrate seamlessly with their current ESP

Have pre-created, brand compliant templates with the ability to share assets across all locations

Ensure that it was easy to use and quick to master for their non-technical apartment managers


By implementing a powerful distributed marketing platform, that was tightly integrated with their ESP, they were able to take immediate advantage of the cost savings. They were finally able to monitor their localized email communications alongside their corporate communications, gaining deeper insights to help drive more useful and effective communications with residents.

They were able to take back control of the brand aesthetic, and provide approved templates for managers to use. Promotions across all properties became seamless, through the sharing of promo­tional assets.

With a user on-boarding of 15 minutes, and a system mastery of less than a day, non-technical users increased their productivity exponentially. Brand compliant communications began almost immediately with little to no downtime.

With the integration of single sign-on, the end user startup experience integrated seamlessly with their daily workflow.

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