Maintain legal compliance across distributed marketers

Client: National Financial Services Organization

Corporate marketing and management were tasked with maintaining legal compliance across thousands of distributed financial advisors and independent contractors. The inclusion of specific language in marketing emails to satisfy FCC requirements was essential in keeping the organization in compliance with governing rules.


Provide corporate control over legal verbiage to be included in email sends through locked email sections to be included in every send

Provide distributed users with a simple-to-use interface to create, schedule and deploy compliant messages

Create a single system that could provide corporate oversight and analytics for thousands of distributed users


Working with the national marketing team, a set of pre-created templates were built that included locked down, un-editable legal verbiage sections to maintain legal compliance. Each template was ensured to be CAN-SPAM compliant with standardized unsubscribe and preference center links. An approval workflow was implemented to ensure new distributed users were following specified rules prior to deployment of marketing messages.

The SmarterSends platform was connected to the corporate single sign on system creating a seamless user experience and automating user on-boarding.

Corporate saw an exponential increase in legally compliant marketing messaging by empowering non-technical distributed users to create marketing emails, removed any and all potential legal issues from non-compliant messages being sent, shored up brand compliance and unsubscribe issues, unified the brand voice across all email marketing campaigns, and gained a deeper insight into the localized marketing efforts to help guide future marketing strategies.

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