Retain Control Over Your Data and Help Employees Market to Your Customer/Constituents More Responsibly

Client: National Non-Profit with hundreds of chapters across the U.S.

The national team was tasked with understanding how and when the local chapters were marketing to their millions of constituents. With each using different email marketing platforms there was no unified view of the organizations donors or how they were being communicated with, or anyway to know if the organization was legally compliant in regards to unsubscribes. There had to be a way to reign in the use of the organization's data while still allowing each local chapter a simple way to reach out with localized content.


Provide local chapters an easy to use interface to send email marketing campaigns

Use a single source of truth for the underlying constituent data to get a full view of communication with those donors

Create a single system that could identify and quantify total fund-raising dollars via email marketing.


Working with the national marketing team, a strategy was crafted that would consolidate many disparate email platforms to a single enterprise level email marketing platform with a simple to use distributed marketing platform that would sit on top. This consolidation would allow national to regain a 30,000 foot view of campaign data across hundreds of local chapters which was lost amongst multiple tools selected by each chapter. A data strategy was created that allowed a single view of each constituent/donor with engagement tracking in addition to conversion tracking to complete the full attribution of those dollars to the email marketing initiatives.

In addition, a set of pre-created templates were built that allowed the organization to utilize a consistent brand across multiple initiatives. Each template was ensured to be CAN-SPAM compliant with standardized unsubscribe and preference center links and consolidated consent management to a single source of truth.

Chapters where setup in the distributed marketing platform to segment their content, audience lists and reporting on their own campaigns. Each user was enabled and permissioned using the organizations existing single sign-on provider to ease user management.

Chapter users only saw the information relevant to their own chapter campaigns and reporting while the national team had access to data across all chapters at the email service provider (ESP) level — offering the best of both worlds to the organization.

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