Here at SmarterSends, we have always followed the philosophy of “Making Everyone A Marketer”. How great would it be if everyone at the company had the ability to market. Think about the reach! Think about the frequency!! Bwwwwahahahah A COMPANY FULL OF MARKETERS!!!

Not so fast marketing mega-mind! Do you REALLY want a company full of marketing pros?

While it can be valuable for everyone to have some basic understanding of marketing principles, it may not be necessary or even desirable for everyone to become a full-fledged marketer. Here are a few reasons why:

Different skills and interests: Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys or excels at marketing. People have different strengths, skills, and interests, and it's important to allow them to focus on what they're good at and what they enjoy doing. They don’t want to be bogged down in the weeds of strategy, design, development AND deployment! No! They just want to get their OWN job done. Providing a simple, easy-to-use set of tools is absolutely essential when empowering a non-marketer to create, schedule and deploy marketing messages.

Specialization: In any organization, it's important to have people who specialize in specific areas, such as marketing, finance, human resources, and so on. By allowing people to specialize in their areas of expertise, they can develop deep knowledge and skills that can be valuable for the organization as a whole. Let the accountant account for stuff, and let your brand voice, look and feel be managed by your marketing department. Sure…the accountants may want to send a few branded messages too, but they are the last ones that should care about whether a template is approved or not. Giving the non-marketers access to brand compliant assets, in a drop dead simple to master platform, means your brand is protected, regardless of what specialty the messenger has.

Efficiency: If everyone in an organization were responsible for marketing, it could lead to duplication of effort and inefficiency. By allowing marketing professionals to handle marketing tasks, other employees can focus on their own responsibilities and avoid being overwhelmed by additional tasks. Too many cooks IS a real thing. A platform that lets the marketing team set the brand look, feel and voice, while giving access to the non-marketers to create, schedule and deploy brand compliant messages, is a workflow game-changer.

Training and education: While it can be helpful for everyone to have some basic understanding of marketing principles, becoming a skilled marketer requires a lot of training, education, and experience. It may not be practical or feasible for everyone to undergo the necessary training to become a marketer. You hired a marketing team…let them do their job. Let them set the strategy, define the brand voice, set the brand look and feel…and then empower the rest of the non-marketers with a simple-to-master tool set, to send brand compliant marketing messages.

Overall, while it's important for everyone to have some understanding of marketing principles, it's not necessarily practical or desirable for everyone to become a marketer. Specialization and the diversity of skills and interests within an organization are important for its success. What is important, is giving the non-marketers in the organization access to brand compliant templates and assets, in a simple-to-master platform, so they can get their marketing duties accomplished quickly and easily, with next to no demand on the corporate marketing team.

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